Undoubtedly, mobile apps are an undisputed cure-all for businesses to leverage connections
with clients and potential customers.
Mobile apps have become parallel with marketing strategies, and you must know the trends.
Here’s an overview of what you can expect.
Like all, you must have many apps on your phone. And there is a new feature every day hence,
a more extensive customer base for businesses daily. There are infinite expectations from an
endless stream of users, and there is a need for break-neck speed evolution in the mobile app
Moreover, the mobile app development company London industry is transforming at high speed,
and to survive in this digital era, businesses must get accustomed to the evolving mobile app
development trends.
Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2023
There are a lot of new trends in mobile app development; here are the top mobile app
development trends.
Rise of 5G
The 5G technology has become a buzzword; several technology companies have started
integrating 5G, Look at how 5G connections worldwide will grow. Similarly, 5G will change the
apps created and used, improving their speed and efficiency.

 5G is expected to be 100x faster than 4G.
 Delay will minimize from 50 milliseconds (4G) to 1 millisecond.
 With higher resolution and speedy performance – video streaming apps will substantially
 AR and VR integration into the app will be more accessible.
 Data Transferring data will be faster and smoother between devices and smartphones.
 Mobile payments will be more secure because of biometric data processing for
Apps for Foldable Devices
For businesses, this is high time to remember foldable devices while planning their mobile app
development strategy. They must ensure that their apps run seamlessly on foldable devices —
this is an overwhelming development trend in 2023.
Some apps that are optimized for foldable devices include:

1. Microsoft Office Suite
2. Adobe Creative Cloud
3. Google Maps
4. Spotify
5. Netflix.
The success of Pokemon Go paved the way for AR in the mobile app development industry. We
can use VR for an immersive experience for users.
Today, we can find many contexts in which brands use AR & VR for immersive user
If we take the example of Ikea, it uses AR to make its customers visualize how the furniture will
look at their selected space before buying it.
Similarly, one of the top beauty brands, L’Oreal, offers a virtual makeup app that authorizes its
users to check out how the makeup looks on their faces.
Apple, Google, and Meta are using AR & VR. Google presented a feature, aka “Live View,” in
Google Maps, by using this feature, users can see the direction up to the minute on real-world
In 2023, AR & VR will be reshaping the mobile app development industry and the mobile app
Wearable App Integration
Wearable devices are already ruling the world and wearable app integration authorizes users to
access specific functionalities and features from their wearable devices. Let’s discuss a few
wearable app integration scenarios:
Wearable devices integrate with fitness apps to monitor physical activity and other health-
related data.
Wearable devices can be integrated with messaging apps or social media platforms for users to
receive notifications and updates without checking their smartphones.
Wearable app integration with navigation and mapping services can provide users with turn-by-
turn directions and nearby points of interest, on their wearable devices.
Wearable devices can integrate with virtual personal assistants, like Siri, and Google Assistant.
This way users can interact with these assistants from their wearables.
This year we saw that Apple announced its Watch OS 8 update and it has new features with the
best watch faces, better wallet access, and reimagined interface for Apple Watch users.
Moreover, Google announced an integrated wearables platform that integrates its wear
operating system with Samsung’s Tizen software platform. These are all the facts that signify

the peak in wearable technology which is one of the emerging mobile app development trends
in 2023.
In a nutshell, app developers, web development company in UK and business owners must get
ready to offer apps with outstanding digital experiences to users on wearables, thus gaining an
advantage over their competitors.
Food &  Grocery Delivery Apps
People rely on apps like Instacart and meal kits, these two have been some of the fastest-
growing app categories, and the whole food delivery app industry is expected to reach a 320
billion market size by 2029.
Uber Eats is the most popular app, similarly, Delivery Hero has the highest number of users.
Food and grocery apps are a critical part of our daily lives and their apps are expected to prevail
at a high pace. People will never stop ordering food and grocery online.

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